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2020 - Aug 30 ESSAY'D essay by Marywin Curtin

“Functional art” generally describes objects of everyday life, such as furniture or tableware, that are fashioned in a fine art or high-concept style. Dalia Reyes flips that definition—crafting paintings and mixed-media works that function as tools to open up a space within the viewer for contemplation and reflection.



2020 - May 19 Seeing Is Believing (in the Value of Art): Interview w/Dalia Reyes



2019 - Guest unicorn Dalia joins resident Unicorns Erin and Ms. Dobbins to discuss universal completeness that is represented in the pieces that she creates. Dalia also discussed in a way, if you don’t grow up with a specific religion, art can become your religion and your spiritually healing.



2018 - Dalia Reyes is a Detroit-based artist and arts administrator with an undergraduate degree from the College for Creative Studies. In her artist statement for the exhibition Rainbow Body at the Connections Gallery in U-M's North Campus Research Complex, Reyes suggests her work “focuses on pushing fantasy into everyday scenery; where plants have names and all that glitters is definitely gold.”